Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer based out of Seattle, WA. I received my Bachelors Degree in Studio Art from the University of Redlands (CA) in 2009. Since graduating I have worked as a freelance artist for an apparel design company and as the sole designer for an experiential advertising agency. I currently work as a designer on the creative team of a strategic positioning firm.

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Graphic design, illustration, paintings and more.
Brooks Experiential Concept

Designed in Illustrator and Photoshop

Brooks, Experiential, Container
Frontier Family Dental

Logo options developed for Frontier Family Dental

Logo, Design, Frontier
Taco the Town

Collateral developed for the burgeoning street taco/bike courier business Taco the Town in Portland

Logos, Taco the Town

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 36"x48" NFS

Acrylic, Painting, Portrait, Pop-Art
BT Happy Hour Invitations

Invitations created to encourage local agency relationships

Invitation, Happy Hour
Allen Stone Concert T-Shirt

Screenprint on cotton tee

Allen Stone, Macklemore, T-Shirt
Jack in the Box Campaign Recap

Created in Illustrator as a summary of accomplishments in the Jack Burger Truck Southeast Sampling Tour.

Jack in the Box, The Jack Burger Truck, Infographic
Wallingford Art Walk Logo

Inspired by the iconic Wallingford neon sign on Wallingford Ave, this logo was part of a rebrand for the neighborhood's art walk branch.

Wallingford, Art Walk
Friday Night Finishing Logo

Screenprint on cotton tee

Friday Night Finishing, Screenprint

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 16"x20" NFS

Acrylic, Painting, Portrait, Pop-Art
GoFast Experiential Concept

Designed in Illustrator and Photoshop

GoFast, Experiential
Kidstory - The Magic Umbrella

Concept for a children's literary magazine, Kidstory, featuring stories written by children and illustrated with crayon.

Kid's Magazine, Crayon Drawing
Seattle Mariners Ultimate Fan UX

Created for the Seattle Mariners via Root Sports as an interactive experience where fans can create their own "Ultimate Fan" avatars and share them on Facebook.

Root Sports, Seattle Mariners
Ice Harbor Brewery Shirts

A series of shirts designed for several varieties of Ice Harbor beers.

Ice Harbor, Beer
Dick's Drive In Food Truck Concept

Pitched as a concept to Dick's Drive In for a food truck campaign.

Dick's, Food Truck, Drive In

Comissioned acrylic painting on stretched canvas, 18"x24"

Acrylic, Painting, Portrait, Pop-Art
Islands food truck concept

Pitched as a concept for Islands fast food restaurant as a food truck campaign.

Islands, Food Truck
Jack in the Box RMM Map

Created as an easy to read visual contact list for Regional Marketing Managers for the Jack in the Box burger truck campaigns.

Jack in the Box, RMM Map
Washington Beer Logo T-Shirt

Screenprint on cotton tee, designed as a new logo for the Washington Beer Commission.

Washington Beer, T-Shirt
Zevia Trade Show Concept

Pitched as a concept for Zevia Natural Soda as an experiential activation in a trade show environment.

Zevia, Experiential
BT Local Agency 1 Sheet

Created as an introductory 1 sheet to connect Beyond Traditional to other local agencies.

thinkBT, 1 Sheet
America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride Poster

Poster created as a keepsake for participants in America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe, UT.

Biking, Poster
Facebook Infrastructure T-Shirt

Screenprint on cotton tee, created for Facebook's Infrastructure Department.

Facebook, Infrastructure, T-Shirt
San Francisco Consumer Culture Overview

Document created for a client to serve as research of a target demographic.

San Francisco, Consumer Culture
Polynesian Cultural Center Concept

Pitched as a concept for the Polynesian Cultural Center as an experiential activation and high definition projections.

Hawaii, Projections, PCC
Jack in the Box National Tour Outline

Document created for internal use to serve as a general overview and to inform team of upcoming tour events.

Jack in the Box, Tour Outline
Hawaiian Airlines Experiential Concept

Pitched as a concept for Hawaiian Airlines as an experiential activation where people could relax and enjoy the heated environment.

Hawaiian Airlines, Experiential
BT Mobile Tour 1 Sheet

Created as an introductory 1 sheet to connect Beyond Traditional to potential clients.

thinkBT, 1 Sheet
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Studio Art - Graphic Design
University of Redlands

Graduated Suma Cum Laude with Honors in my Department.

Fall 2012
HTML5 and CSS Level 1, HTML5 and CSS Level 2
School of Visual Concepts

Courses last 6 weeks and include 18 hours of class time.

May 2013 - Present
ShowPony | Strategies 360

I work with the creative directors to execute any design requests our clients may need. I work closely with clients in our Seattle headquarters as well as clients from our 13 nation-wide offices. My responsibilities include web, information architecture and user experience, social media, interactive and print design. Our clientele often fall in the non-profit sector as well as education, healthcare, renewable energy and environmental protection.

June 2012 - May 2013
Graphic Designer/Producer
Beyond Traditional

Strategize and develop production needs for assigned client projects and needs including:

  • • Developing production assets and templates
  • • Collaborating with Accounts Team in preparation of recommendations, marketing strategies and actions for clients
  • • Reviewing, analyzing material relative to client needs – logos, style guides, and images
  • • Producing quick turn-around time mockups for pitches, clients, and miscellaneous items
  • • Driving creative brainstorms and offering strategic direction

Assist in the development of the Creative Department at BT, including:

  • • Developing style guides, design elements and collateral both internally and externally for clients
  • • Management of department interns/contract hires
  • • Maintaining and developing BT website
  • • Social Media development
  • • Direct line of communication with contract production individuals/agencies
  • • Assist in the implementation and organization of local agency outreach
  • • Research emerging trends and technologies and give weekly presentations on findings

Assist the AE/AM/AD with production on campaigns:

  • • Assisting with production schedule creation and oversight
  • • Assisting with campaign budget management
  • • Vendor review, selection, negotiation and management
  • • Creating vendor database/record
  • • Spec and asset management
  • • Managing purchase orders (client and vendor)
  • • Reviewing concepts, prototypes and final builds for development, creative or delivery

Worked with nationally recognized brands:

  • • Jack in the Box
  • • Verizon
  • • ROOT Sports/Seattle Mariners
  • • Qdoba
  • • Lyfe Kitchen
  • • Vayama
  • • Qwest

June 2011 - September 2012
Contract Graphic Designer
Kotis Design

Created unique print designs for apparel and promotional products for a variety clients ranging from collegiate assemblies (athletics, Greek systems, clubs) to international corporations such as Google, Facebook and Alaskan Airlines.

  • Name: Page Eaton
  • Address: Fremont | Seattle, WA
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (206) 228-5082